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MATT CHEM® MARINE is the leader in the field of teak maintenance and renovation. It boasts more than 200 products that fulfill expectations of pleasure-boat owners with regards to result. Protecting the environment is our firm’s major preoccupation and this ambition is illustrated perfectly by our motto : A clean sea for future generations®

Since 1983, MATT CHEM® has been a creator of maintenance products and concepts for industrial and marine applications. Specialties and solutions proposed by MATT CHEM®, conform to the legal requirements, notably the EEC regulatory requirements in respect of biodegradability and ecotoxicity which requires rigorous selection of the raw materials. It goes without saying that MATT CHEM® is concerned about the future impact of its products on the environment and as such in minimizing any effect on fauna and flora and equally relating to the provision of information indispensable to its end-users to ensure that they observe recommended doses, conditions of use and application.

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