About us

Our Mission

 Always on the lookout for new products of superior quality and innovative, we only choose renowned, certified and avant-garde suppliers

We are more than just a distributor, we are active partners with our suppliers as well as the first local link between our customers and our suppliers, including training if necessary.

Our over 30 years of experience in project management and customer support ensures our customers peace of mind and a continuous bond of trust

Our Philisophy


We beleive that the secret to business success can be summed up in a few words

- Innovation (R & D) 

- Quality of the product

- Customer support

- Improvements

-  Confidence

Quality before Quantity

 We are a company dedicated to bring the world’s most innovative and high-quality boating product to Canada and the USA

We import selected products from anywhere in the world and distribute them to our customers

No matter if you order is small or large, we appreciated your business and are dedicated to building long and satisfying relationship with our customers, we will ship to any place in Canada and the USA 

Please have a look at our Superior quality products

if you have any questions please contact us at :  info@DuplessisMarine.ca